Thursday, July 7, 2011

An outside perspective

I have mentioned before that we are on the warmshowers list. It is a list that touring cyclists can access to find shelter. Since we live near the Transamerica route we get a lot of folks stopping by. Tuesday night we hosted 7 people at the house. Four were headed east and three were headed west. We put out a good spread of food, offered showers and laundry facilities and the usual good time with good stories was had by all. Everyone is always so appreciative of the kindness.

I had the chance to ride home on Tuesday evening with the Eastbound crew and back into town on Wednesday morning with the Westbound crew. Both crews commented on how beautiful it is around here. And, you know what? They are right. It is not as though I forgot, but sometimes seeing familiar things through new eyes brings a new level of appreciation. That is way more valuable that anything we provide to our guests.