Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vacation again

I took a four day weekend last week and then I had to head back to work to finish up some year end stuff. This morning is the first morning of a five day weekend. No complaints, no big plans for trips. Just me time and family time. Might check out a movie. Might go bowling. Who knows? I want to finish this year and start next year on a relaxed note. I am hoping it can carry over.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Went for another ride

I love creativity in blog post titles. Went for ride and went for another ride as the titles in consecutive posts. Smokin'.

It was cold and snowy this weekend in Buffalo Hollow. Brrrr. It might have made more sense to stay warm by the woodstove, but I felt the need for a ride. The fact that I received my ebayed Clarence bar made the need even higher. So, I gave in. All-in-all, I spent about 2 hours rolling around on the logging roads in my neighborhood and not actually going very far. Still, much fun was had and I took a few pictures with my lousy cell phone camera.

I really like the Clarence. It did not take me anytime to get used to it. It felt comfortable right away. I highly recommend it.