Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I need to ride

I have not ridden since the big Louisville Cobblestone ride. I have plenty of excuses, but mostly I have not been interested. The rain, no doubt, has played a big part, but even the few nice days saw me in the car or on the motorcycle. My weekends have been mostly filled with working on the house. Today, I woke up with some nasty bug that the kids have already had and I had exactly enough energy to go to work, take two calls, complete an audit response and come home to go to bed. When I lick this funk, I am going to start riding again.

No, seriously!


  1. C'mon Andy!! gotta get out there. In all seriousness, I patch together a few "bike jogs", short rides of 3-8 miles that did the trick just to get me going. I've ridden the past 2 days, and as soon as the State Tournament is over, I'm piling the May miles.

    Looking forward to whatev you put togethe this summer. I'm there, somehow. and good luck beating the crud.

  2. Thanks for the response. I am feeling better and I think I will ride in this morning.

    Baby steps. I like the idea of bike jogs as well. I can put together a 3 mile ride with very little effort and if it helps clear the spider webs off my bike, then so be it.