Monday, August 24, 2009

At least it is related to bikes

After promising sometime last year, I finally painted my 9 year old's bike this past week. I promised her that if she moved up from the little bike, I would paint it any rattle can color she chose. She really has a hard time letting go of things so I had to do something to sweeten the pot. She could barely fit on the old one.

So, I finally got around to going to the spray paint section of the store with her and she picked out semi gloss white. This is the third bike I have spray painted and I am getting better at it. By the time I do the next one, I should have a system down. I learned the big lesson of not sanding clear coat with anything rougher than 1000 grit. Also, painting when it is not 25 degrees out makes a difference, just in case that was not obvious to you.

Also, I rode to work today.


  1. Hey Andy. Hope things are good. We'll ride again some day.

  2. Things are good. I have been spending quite a bit of time working on my motorcycle so biking has been sparse. The motorcycle is complete so now it is time to do some bicycling.