Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Should I be disappointed?

Well, today was the big weigh-in. A full pound down since May 1. I figured the weight loss was slowing down, but only a pound? Oh well. According to what I have read, the initial loss on a low carb diet is the fastest. My wife says I am definitely getting thinner, and that has to be good.

On the other hand, most of the exercise I have been getting of late has been of the resistance variety. We had some trees cut down and have been processing the brush and smaller pieces (the big pieces have to wait for the chain saw to return). We also put up a pool which required lots of lifting and tugging. It is possible that I added a couple of pounds of muscle but I am not sure about that. The one thing that supports that is the fact that my body fat dropped by 2%. I know these things are notoriously unreliable so I am not putting too much stock in it, but I try to keep the conditions the same each time I get on the scale/fat % measure-thingy-soon after waking and a couple of cups of coffee but no water or food.

I do plan an extra weigh-in this month. I turn 43 on the 19th and I want to know what I weigh on my birthday. Perhaps I will show some progress then.

And, to answer the question that I posed in the title of the post, Heck No! My life is more than just weight loss. I feel great and things are going well for me! Plus, June happens to be my favorite month. Not because it is my birthday, but since I started first grade back in 1974, June has always been the month to look forward to. School is out and summer begins. That tradition continued through the first eight years out of college as my the focus of my jobs changed when school let out. Even now that my job is not specifically attached to the school calendar, I still get that excited feeling on June 1. I am sure that part of it is knowing that my kids are out of school. I can live vicariously through them.

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