Sunday, December 21, 2008

Box of goodness on the way

I don't know about you, but I get all giddy while I am waiting on a shipment. A tracking number is even better. And, when that tracking number is showing the progress on a shipment from Rivendell, well, life is grand. According to UPS, my box of goodness is due to arrive on the 23rd (it has been sitting in Indianapolis all weekend! Damn! Don't they work weekends?). That actually works out well because I am not supposed to open it until Christmas morning.

I have wanted a set of Albatross bars (56 cm chromo, of course) for a long time. After arriving at work way too many times with a stiff back after my morning commute, I finally decided that even though my drop bars are at saddle height, it just ain't enough. I need to sit upright. The Albatross bars will help with that. I also got some cork grips to go with them. That is something new for me.

I plan to put them on my old 1984 Trek 500. I bought the frame off ebay a couple of years ago and have ridden it quite a bit. I like it a lot and did my first (and only) century on it in the summer of 2007. But, early this year my back went out again and it never has completely come back. I am not bed ridden by any means, but riding leaves me stiff. I hope these bars fix that.


  1. glad you left a comment and glad to see you're salivating over a Riv shipment. funnily enough, I received one the other day, but i ordered it for myself via my mother for Xmas, so it's here but I have to hand it over for wrapping in the next few days. It's a Big Loafer for the Bleriot. It's gonna' be sweet on the open road. I'll be checking back in regularly.


  2. Another similarity, you're sporting an '84 old Trek. My new fav ride (well, aside the Bleriot) is my single-speeded '87 Trek 400. It's a beat-up war horse, but I grin every time I ride it. Congrats on the bars. Did you change the saddle to handle the great 'displacement to the backside'?

  3. I am already running a Brooks B17. I hope that is big enough. If not, I will move up to the next bigger Brooks. Whichever model has single rails and springs is the most likely candidate.

  4. Cool blog you've got here. Anything Rivendell is always excellent. You should post some shots of your updated bike configuration, once you install them.

  5. As soon as I get the chance to get some pictures I will post them. Today was spent in more mundane pursuits.