Friday, January 23, 2009

Been a while

Since the last time I posted, I bought a new-to-me bike. Not that kind of bike. A 1983 GoldWing Interstate. I have always wanted to try a full blown touring bike and this was a cheap way to check it out. So far, I love it. I rode it around last weekend in 35 degree weather and the fairing kept me well protected from the wind. No complaints from me on that. We shall see if I continue to like it better than my Bandit. The good-wife says I can keep both, but I think I would be more comfortable with just one. The fact that I was able to quickly stow my lunch and my laptop bag in one of the saddlebags this morning is definitely a plus for the GoldWing.

On a less satisfactory note, my boss is transfering to a different department at work. This is no surprise as she has wanted to make a move for a while. The new position is a step toward her ultimate career goal, so it is good for that reason. On the downside, I really like working for her. She is an excellent supervisor. On the downright shitty side, after much back and forth about whether or not we were going to replace her (what with the bad economy and all) the decision was made today to go ahead and replace her. I was invited to do it in the interim with an eye toward moving into it permanently. Why is that shitty? Because about an hour ago, a mass email went out from the COO announcing that all raises not already in the pipeline are put on hold. Boy does that motivate me to take on a significant amount of additional responsibility. Woo-fucking-Hoo! Three new additional direct reports and responsibility for acheiving all of our goals. The best part is that if I do not accept the position, they will hire someone in from the outside who will immediately start making the money that I would not get. So, someone who has no idea of what we do or the inner workings of the day-to-day operations would get paid more than I would. Brilliant! Of course, I would get the pleasure of training this person if I do not take it. Sounds like a real lose-lose opportunity for me. Welcome to the world of shit not making sense.


  1. sorry man. All workplaces have their shitty politics. I certainly got my fill this summer helping hire a new principal (i'm a teacher)and I totally understand that skewed logic that has nothing to do with improving the workplace.

    Hope it works out, and let's remember to stay on self-propelled 2 wheels when you can. Tomorrow's the first RCCS ride. Look for a write up to see how it goes.

  2. Hey, I'm posting again b/c I don't see an email. We're 95% a go for the next ride. It'll be a microbrew-n-bike think on February 21st. No hard drinkin'- at least for me- but visits to 3 different place. leaving lunchtimeish.

    more details to come, but the date seems good.