Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1 weigh in

I can't say I am surprised but I also can't say that I am excited.  I was prepared for the number to go up but it actually went down-just not much.  I was 214.4 this morning with the same percent body fat-27%.

By my calculations I am now 57.89 pounds of fat and 156.51 pounds of lean. When not rounding off, that means I dropped about .5 lbs of fat in February and about a pound of lean weight.  I will take it though I hope to do better.  Considering the trip to Vegas and the backing off of both resistance and cardio, it makes sense.  Between a sore shoulder, a sore knee at the beginning of the month and general tiredness that pervaded the entire house this month (the girls missed several days of school with general aches, pains and tiredness so I think we may have been experiencing a mild bug) it ain't too bad. 

For March, a re-commitment.  I am starting the month with a bicycle commute.  I also finished February with a commute.  Here we go.  210 and 25% by April 1?  I think I can.


  1. Go Go Go Go!!! My typical tennis malaise has set in. I just can't cope with the 11-hr days. I'm exhausted, plain and simple.

    On a completely different note, can I/we camp in your yard if we were to do a 3-day Donut Tour this summer? Even better, I/we could pick you up for Days 2 and 3 and you could roll home the third, or whatev combo we could come up with. Fun Fun Fun!!

  2. Absolutely. No problem. You can probably crash inside the house.

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  4. How did I miss that you are both KyPhilo and AndyB from PRP, with whom I went to high school (for a portion) and perhaps more at Stuart and Eisenhower? Did I previously know that?