Sunday, May 15, 2011

Get a Job. Or, get rid of one

Been thinking a lot about work, lately. Reading Dilbert collections is not the way to get inspired to get up and go in the morning.

Seriously though, I have been with my current employer for over 9 years and I am beginning to wonder if the ride is not coming to an end. I am just not digging it. I think I need to explore a bit though because it is a good job doing good things for others. Just don't know and the thoughts are so crammed into my head that it may take a while and several posts to get them out so I can start to organize them. This much I know-since I started eating low carb and doing the right things for my physical health, I am more interested in doing the right things for my mental and emotional health. I feel myself getting less and less connected to work and more connected to home and family. What could it all mean?


  1. Don't know about the job, but I was connected to the Berea area. Rode 18m before my elder's soccer game at Madison Southern. Took 595/Moran Summit/JohnBallard/Menalaus(?). That 595/MoranSummit stretch was as pleasant a riding as can be done. Simply gorgeous. Sorry I couldn't ring, but it was blow into town, ride, take wrong turn, ride into headwind and return for the game.

    You host a ride down there this summer and I'm in, guaranteed. Beautiful!

  2. You were on some of my favorite roads. I will put something together for this summer. It is very nice riding around here.

  3. Well, I never did get around to a summer ride but I did manage to get a new job.

    It has been a while since I have gone back through some of my old posts and this is a good one. I was really beginning to dislike my job in April or so of last year and this post really captured what I was thinking. It finally became too much to take in October and November (although I did get to go to Turkey in October). Man do I feel better.