Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1 weigh in

Officially down 20 pounds since I started this thing. Woot. I will take it.

I am going to focus more on exercise during May. Hopefully, the weather will improve and I can commute by bike more. That is way more fun than the elliptical.


  1. KP, I'd love it if you gave a good ol' fashioned review/commentary of the low-carb thing. I'm most of the way through the most recent Taubes book, but I don't know anybody who has really tried that kind of "wagon" except for Jim in Minneapolis, and he's lost 75lbs, and Dave here in Lou., and he didn't last long.

    As a life-long fat person with obviously greedy fat, I'm intrigued, but then again is it the same old schtick to sell books? I'd love your thoughts, especially after your comment on the blog recently.

    And doesn't 20lbs feel great? I lost 20 Oct-Feb and have since gained 10 back. Bleh

  2. Yes. 20lbs does feel great. I am surprised at how good it feels because I think I have another 20-30 to go.

    I would not describe myself as a life long fat person. I was always skinny with a bit of a paunch. In the last few years though, I really started to pack on the pounds. As a large framed person, I was able to wear it well, but I could tell a difference. The final straw was in January when I gave up and bought the next size up pants.

    For me, the diet change has not been a sacrifice. I really don't think I will go back to eating the way I was eating. I eat as much as I want, whenever I want. I just avoid grains, potatoes and beer. I say avoid because I do occasionally eat/drink those, especially when traveling for work, but I don't eat/drink them in near the quantity I did before.

    Bread was the biggest issue. It was a default food. I ate it all the time. Heck, my wife used to be a baker and she can still whip up a mean loaf from scratch.

    I will put some effort into a longer post, but Mark Sisson's blog is good place to start. I started there.