Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Got in a ride the last two days

I have ridden to work the last two days. Great weather for it. I should have ridden in on Monday morning, but I was not feeling up to it. It was the right decision because I felt great yesterday and today. It was plain easy to ride in this morning. I am not fast in the real sense of the word, but for me, I was flying.

I hate seeing gas at such a high price because I know a lot of folks struggle with it. But, I have to say that every time I pass the station on my bike, I figure I am saving a dollar. Two dollars each day. Tomorrow looks like another two dollars saved.


  1. Apparently, I rode to work on Ride to Work Day. I had no clue.

  2. Apparently I rode to work on "Ride to Work" day. Yay for me.