Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cold ride/warm desk

I find that if I am in the mood for it, riding in the cold is not too bad.  It was about 10 this morning when I left and after the initial bite on the bridge of my nose wore off, all was fine.  As long as I can keep my ears and hands warm, I can handle most rides.  It takes a while for cold feet to do me in but cold hands and ears will stop me quickly.

Contributing to this morning's comfort were two pieces of my motorcycle gear.  My neoprene/fleece balaclava kept my ears happy and my winter rated motorcycle gloves did the job for my hands.  I have bicycle gloves but they have lost their insulation due to old age (though I seem to have added insulation due to old age, just not on my hands).  I need to replace them because those motorcycle gloves are expensive and I don't think I need carbon fiber knuckle protectors for the speeds I ride my bicycle.

(Why yes, I do have pets, why do you ask?)

As far as the warm desk goes, a friend loaned me his Led Zeppelin collection. Led Zeppelin was my first musical obsession.  I think they, more than any other band, contributed to my low level hearing loss and slight ringing in my ears.

I am listening to Physical Graffiti for the first time in years.  Between emails and the usual work stuff, the memories just keep coming back.  Each song has it's own images popping up.  Mostly though, they are just so comfortable and familiar.  And, interestingly, fresh at the same time.  Sure an 18 year old can appreciate the fact that Led Zeppelin can melt your face, but as an adult I can appreciate how difficult putting together something this great is.  Wow!

Now, on to In Through the Out Door.  Someone has to do it.

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